About Thailand

Thailand is a country of immensely diverse natural and modern developments. A country comprised of 77 provinces each with a story to tell makes it ripe for the savvy traveler. From the Golden Triangle connections in the north, through its historical and rice producing central regions, past the capital to the idyllic islands, Thailand can capture the mind of a traveler for weeks on end. Travelwithleon.com is reinvigorating some of the most frequented destinations – putting a new spin on Bangkok while revealing lesser known beaches and untouched coastlines in the south. Chiang Mai continues to steal the hearts of many who travel to the north, so we are using it as a gateway to reach the authentic towns of Nan and Phrae, where characterful wooden houses still stand over 130 years later and the techniques used to construct them are still in practice today. The Land of Smiles remains in a unique position to offer supreme luxury comforts graced with refined Thai hospitality at reasonable prices. Whether you choose to stay in spa resorts perched over the sea, mountain lodges or beachside huts, you will experience the generosity of the Thai people. Positioned at the forefront of pioneering product development, travelwithleon.com continues to explore Thailand from every corner, ensuring you to have access to the most invigorating and unique experiences.