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About us

Travel a mile – acquire an insight


Since being in secondary school, I (Le Ngoc Trung, a.k.a. Leon Le) had an indescribable desire for exploring new places and learning new cultures and traditions. That lead to all my travels through nearly whole Europe and Asia.

In all my travels, I always wanted to find someone who would treat and show me the places, introduce me to the culture and tradition as a good friend instead of just a tour guide. Luckily, I mostly found that person and thanks to that I got a much wider and deeper view of the world and the things happening around me.

After coming back to my homecountry, I wanted to become the person who I always looked for as I believe the rule of Ying and Yang, you get what you give away. So, I started to become a trainee tour guide in 2009 and a professional tour guide in 2011. After working with various national and international tour companies and operators, I finally opened my very own company where I cannot only guide my tours in the way I always wanted to be guided but also train all my fellow tour guide colleagues to be like that.

Finally in 2016 I succeeded, starting from just 1 passionate professional guide, we are now 10 passionate people, working hard but with big laughter everyday to make sure all our clients who we call friends who we do not know yet to have the journey of their life in Viet Nam, Thai Land and Cambodia.

At Travel With Leon we follow one principal rule, creating breath-taking and meaningful monents for you by showing and explaining to you our country from all its sides which will give you the chance to see, experience, conclude and understand not only Viet Nam but so much more.

Meet...Our Team

Passionate professionals and semi-professionals at your service 24/7

Leon Le

Head Guide & Founder

The one who spreads and shares his passion for exploring and learning new places and cultures.

Hong Pham


The one who got first inspired and now leads and manages the whole team.

Lam Chu

Viet Nam Travel Counselor

One day, when I woke up, I realized that I want to discover the world, so I came to TravelWithLeon and now I'm fall in love with it.

Chi Le

Back Office - Viet Nam Tour Coordinator

I love traveling and want to share my passion with all clients, TravelWithLeon is the best place to do that. Let's explore Viet Nam together.

Duyen Le

Back Office - Cambodia Tour Coordinator

After traveling to Cambodia several times, I felt in love with this country. I want to share my experiences and discoveries with everyone. TravelWithLeon is the best to do so.

Phat Vu

Cambodia Travel Counselor

Colleague of Leon for many years and now keeps on working with him to create the best experience for travellers with TravelWithLeon

Tuan Pham

IT & Technical Support

I haven't been a fan of traveling since meeting Leon but now after being infected by him I enjoyed this work by helping the team to give clients on-time support.

Nhieu Nguyen

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide for over 7 years and working for many different national and international companies, I find myself most comfortable at TravelWithLeon.

Quyen Tran

Tour Guide

Got to know Leon since my last year of university, I had the chance to be trained and convinced by his passion of tour guiding and sharing more than just a tour.