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A Literature Review Example

A Literature Review Example

A literature review usually consists of a single review of study, a book or journal article about a particular subject, which presents information in connection to the subject. A literature review may be used for an academic evaluation of a topic in which the writer is interested. It can also be used for professional purposes, in order to determine the validity of a printed work.

Literature reviews can be an important instrument for both the professional and amateur writer. When a writer wants to examine an area for which he isn’t so familiar with, he can look for and use a literature review. These types of reviews are especially helpful for those who don’t have any familiarity with a subject but are attempting to write a review on it. An summary of the facts surrounding a topic will aid the writer in supplying his own independent evaluation of this topic. It provides an comprehensive look at the details regarding the subject, including what’s been written and by whom.

A literature review example is often found in newspapers, magazines, or sites related to the discipline of study. If one does not know of a single, they can be quickly found online. It is going to frequently be recorded in the bibliography or the reference segment.

A literature review consists of a brief review of a research paper or a publication that offers information on a particular topic. It is the summary of a record. A review generally takes place after the first paragraph, where the main points or the principal body of information has been presented.

For instance, when reviewing a health report or journal article, one can refer to literature review examples discovered there. If one is seeking to write a short paper, then he can use the same format as a review could be utilized. He must list each the main findings, their sources, and the supporting evidence supporting the findings.

As an example, if a literature review of a particular study reports that smoking causes cancer, it would state in the body of the review which,”The conclusion of the research was that smoking causes lung cancer.” The conclusion of the inspection, then, is that smoking can cause lung cancer.

Besides this outline, a literature review must also include a conclusion. This is usually said in a short, one-sentence announcement for example:”General, this study demonstrates that smoking causes lung cancer.”

Another literature review example can be seen in a post about a particular field. This could possibly be located in an article on the history of the history snap to apprehend of movies. It might even be used as a definition for a certain phrase.

For instance, a study paper on audio may describe it as an art form, or as was originated in Japan in 1791. When reading an article about movies, the literature review may say,”Movie genres have grown from silent films, talkies, to live-action, and animation.”

Additionally, there are many different ways that the review can be used. Among the greatest examples would be to examine the background of a business. The literature review might note the development of an industry and its products through time. In addition, it can be employed to analyze the various ways that a business was influenced by several facets of technology.

There are many research papers out there that use literature reviews as their basis for their study. They are often used in the research procedure.

One cannot help but to find a review example interesting. It provides the author with another method for presenting the information in his or her study.