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At the start you are our client, but during and at the end of the tour, you will be our friend!
Thank you so much Dario and Leon. We enjoyed the day very much. Especially the deep look into the daily life of Hanoi people. We appriciate all your sharing and introduction to the real daily life of Hanoi.
Anne-Sophie Dubosson
Leon was fabulous extremely knowledgeable, courteous engaging polite,punctual, attentive, great fun, a truly humbling experience, we had so much fun felt safe comfortable and truly at home in a place a world away from ours. He became a good friend of the family and went on a tour with him twice already!



Jason Wynne
I have traveled to 30 different countries all over the world; never had a tour guide as good as Leon. He simply knows his Vietnamese culture inside out!We had a great time knowing the people of Vietnam, exploring their traditions, religion, food, sports and more. Leon is friendly, fluent in English, well-cultured and always willing to help and find solutions and better alternatives. In short, a trip to Hanoi is incomplete without Leon being your guide!
Hatem Samie
Leon was a wonderful guide. He has a great sense of humor, and was able to answer all our questions regarding customs, history, culinary details and more. Touring through small villages, meeting local people, shopping in the local markets and preparing our meal with a family was a true highlight of our trip to Vietnam. i would highly recommend Leon to others who are in the Hanoi area. thank you, Leon, for a remarkable day in your country. All 5 of us send our regards.
Anne Weston
Great tour. Literally eating with the locals at their family home in a Vietnamese village. Leon is a terrific team leader, but not so good at catching fish 🙂 He is very personable and had a great depth of knowledge. We had a wonderful experience that we could not have done without a local to guide us.



Chris Floyd
Leon was an exceptional guide for us during our one day stay in Hanoi. He is different from other guides (in a great way) because he lived some of his youth in Europe (Germany), so he has a more global view of the world AND he guides only as a hobby — teaching being his main profession — so he is not always available; but if he is available, you must book him! He is a gem! His English is exceptional and conversations with him on all levels were wonderful!
Cassie Luckoff

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